3 Nov 2012

Am I Unromantic ??????



Am a boy who does not know what LOVE is..
                 Is it reality or I don't wanna know what it is??

Moving away is what I practice 
                 but i can't figure out why is this my tactics??

I feel LOVE when I hear a ROMANTIC song

                 but in real life donno where have they gone????

Is this my nature or strictness of my parents

                 coz I never talk to girls at midnight on my TERRACE

I Wish will find her someday 
               if not my parents have to bring her on my wedding day!

All I know is that I love Romance inside...

               but very sorry ladies am Expressionless outside  :(



  1. hmm.. quite true and innocent outburst of feelings :)

  2. Yup it really is the case with the People of INDIA i.e us!!!!! We Know How to love but Expressing it is a tedious task :/