12 Jan 2013

Writing.... An Experience

Writing was a Question in Early Slot of my Life but we kept Meeting Each each other During Exams because it was a Compulsion then.

That slice of Writing was also joyful but the main difference was it being a Must, but the Time has Evolved and has taken a revolution from Adolescence to Maturity.

My thinking has started to flow like a smoke in all Directions, my view of thinking regarding Atoms of life has emerged like a light of a dying candle. 

I have learned the Modules on how to handle Relations,People and especially friends. I also taught myself when to tighten shoes for Situations good or evil..

In Short am Living ALONE more than 1700 kilometers away from the place where I have experienced most of my Tutorials about Life.

I still don't get through this Concept as when I was at Home I had All time of the world, I met Diversity of  People but I never Experienced the life changing Chapters which has become an Inescapable part since last 5 years.

But thankfully this ACQUAINTANCE isn't taking away anything from me, instead am meeting Loneliness Frequently and it has greeted me the Opportunity to Do What I Like to do the most since a long watch, It offers me a ride of all new experiences, which takes me to a different world of IMAGINATION,the place where everything is Possible,and that Place is INKING my COGNITION ............

I am INSPIRED to Write all Regarding my Emotions, this Experience is a synonym to reach an all new HEAVEN each time I Begin to do it and its UNSTOPPABLE... 

Its like an UNDISPUTED ADDICTION which is Wining each time I argue with, and I Wish this PARTNERSHIP does not break unless am TIRED of it #Writing  :) :}



  1. Writing....A beautiful experience that gives lot of joy and satisfaction :)

    Lovely post Ankit! :)

    1. Thanx Valli yup it really does and u can better understand why its all different world of Thoughts isn't it?